Machine Optimization Engineering

Industrial Systems Automation and Integration

Satisfying your automation needs with a strong inclination towards business intelligence

Machine Optimization Enterprise or MOE provides a range of services focused on improving and optimizing manufacturing processes, systems integration as well as data driven processing.

The core services revolve around:

1. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) programming.

2. Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming.

3. Drives configuration and setup.

4. Networking design and implementation.

5. Database integration.

6. IoT convergence

As a result, MOE can help clients automate, tune and optimize their production and operational processes. Also, poll essential information from machine centers and provide the data for consumption by clients’ management team.

Professional Affiliation

Professional Engineers Ontario

Machine Optimization Engineering is a holder of a valid Certificate of Authorization from PEO.

Inductive Automation

Machine Optimization Engineering is a Certified Integrator for Ignition. Click here for the integrator profile.

Contact Information


Phone: +1-705-951-0999

Location: Ontario